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VICE Preview: “Brainhackers” and “Fall of Rio”

Neurotechnology is such an interesting, fascinating — and potentially very dangerous — field of study. If stimulating your brain in a certain way can help you stop binge eating or prevent an urge to commit suicide, isn’t that a good thing? If you’ve had an accident and neurotechnology allows you […]

Documentaries & Non-Fiction Series / Previews

VICE Preview: Can “Engineering Earth” Slow Down or Stop Global Warming?

If you’re even remotely engaged in the global warming/climate change “debate,” you know we’re already in trouble. CO2 emissions are warming our planet and causing extreme weather events. Scientists agree that this is a man-made problem. So, is there anything to be done or is it already too late? In […]

Documentaries & Non-Fiction Series / Previews

VICE Preview: “Trump in Dubai” and “China in Africa”

What is a migrant worker to do if the promises made when they were recruited to work outside their county aren’t being met once they get there? On top of that, the workers have to pay a steep fee for their visas and travel only to have their passports confiscated […]

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VICE Correspondent Gianna Toboni Investigates the Fight for Marriage Equality in “Church and States” [Exclusive]

When the Supreme Court affirmed marriage equality in the summer of 2015, many in the LGBTQIA+ community celebrated. Since the law now protected their right to legally marry their partners, many thought that was the end of this fight. But the religious right has found a way to legally refuse services, housing […]