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Rewind and Repeat: Dean teaches Jack to Drive, Supernatural “Unhuman Nature”

Once again, I found myself inspired to write about Supernatural. I haven’t done it in a while, so color me surprised when what compelled me to write was a nice, quiet scene involving Dean and Jack — three of them to be exact.

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41 Moments that Helped Make Supernatural “Baby” an Instant Classic

WARNING: We break down just about everything about this “Baby” episode so don’t read if you haven’t watched Supernatural “Baby” could have been a chore to watch. But it wasn’t. It could have fallen flat. But it didn’t. For me, this ode to the Impala worked on every level. Much […]

Supernatural Preview: “Baby”
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Supernatural Preview: “Baby”

There’s something about the CW’s Supernatural. Over the years, the show’s fans have developed emotional connections to pretty much everything on the show including its characters, their relationships, the music, props like John Winchester’s journal and a certain car.