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Love on Iceland Preview

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Saturday night, Hallmark Channel unveils another hybrid romantic comedy/travelogue with Love on Iceland, which filmed across the titular continent and may have a few folks casually price shopping excursions by the first commercial break. Headlined by Kaitlin Doubleday and Hallmark first-timer Colin Donnell and co-starring Patti […]

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Arrow Final Season Watch: The Cast talks Season 8

The cast of Arrow talks about the final season of the CW superhero action series.

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Lexa Doig Talks Aurora Teagarden, The Arrangement, and More [Exclusive]

Lexa Doig has been a familiar face to genre fans since her role on Andromeda. At TV Goodness, she’s on our radar from one of our absolute favorites, Continuum. Hallmark fans know and love her as Sally Allison in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ Aurora Teagarden films, and Sunday night Doig […]


Quick Takes: WB Releases Poster for New Animated Constantine Series

Ever since NBC canceled the live-action Constantine series after a brutally brief 13-episode run that ended in 2015, fans have been vocal about wanting more of the trench-coated occult detective, a character who became popular in comic book form first. They were pleasantly surprised when star Matt Ryan reprised his […]


Fans React to Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow Finales on TV Time Social App

WARNING: Major spoilers for Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow finales The social video clipping and sharing app formerly known as Whip Clip has relaunched and changed its name to TV Time. It’s now positioning itself as a place where fans can go to share their passion for TV shows using […]

The Flash "The Race of His Life" Season 2 finale

Superheroes on TV: Ego

We’ve taken some dark turns in the DC realm as both The Flash and Arrow end their second and fourth seasons, respectively. Superheroes on TV takes a look at why ego is fragile and unpredictable, and we’ll also look at where this leaves us for the next seasons. If you […]


Darhk-ness on the Outside and Darkness on the Inside, Arrow “Schism”

Yet another Arrow season has come to an end and once again, I’m not really sure what to say about it. Like Season 3, this year also ended with a “was that the end of the series?” feel to it. Not the typical season cliffhanger that we are used to on […]

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Superheroes on TV: Well Laid Plans

Plans. Heroes and villains alike have plans; and more often than not, nothing ever goes according to them. But can heroics be boiled down to a matter of who’s the better planner? The entirety of the first season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is wrapped up in stopping Vandal Savage. […]


The Times (and People) are a Changin’, Arrow “Lost in the Flood”

Change has been a HUGE part of this season on Arrow. Some characters have changed for the better, others for the worse, some haven’t changed at all and some appear to have changed but actually haven’t. It goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyways) that Oliver has been […]


Superheroes on TV: Time

There are few, if any, constants in the realm of superheroes. Costumes change, backstories are reconstructed, rebirths and new teams linger at the onset of each new decade, yet perhaps the most fickle of all is time itself. We’re winding down seasons, inching ever closer to inevitable cliffhangers, which makes […]