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Marissa’s Backstory is Front and Centre in Bull’s “Bedside Manner”

Is there any better feeling after weeks of turmoil than the return of a new-but-quickly-becoming-integral part of the weeknight lineup? After a two week hiatus (thank you, World Series and US Election), our intrepid jury expert and team are back in the action and this week, the action has Marissa’s […]


For Love Not Money, Bull Keeps His Promises in “Just Tell the Truth”

“There was a time when I did cases for money,” Dr. Bull confesses to his client this week. Said client, Richard Fleer (Zach Appelman, Sleepy Hollow) is questioning why anyone would turn down the huge payment his late fiancée’s parents were willing to pay to guarantee his conviction for her […]


Bull Shines Up His Halo in “Callisto”

Hot on the heels of the great news that Bull has scored a full-season pick-up(!), we are treated to an episode that really shakes up the team and a case that puts them at every sort of disadvantage imaginable. In order to defend Kerry Ketchum (Barrett Doss, Person of Interest) […]


Weatherly Calls the Shots and Takes No Bull in Bull “The Necklace”

Primetime television has a new super human in its lineup and he doesn’t need tights, a cape, or a secret identity. Michael Weatherly (NCIS, Dark Angel) stars as Jason Bull, a psychologist specializing in “trial science,” utilizing psychology, neurolinguistics, and demographics to select and predict a trial jury’s result. The character, inspired […]


Premature Infatuation: CBS’ Bull

Michael Weatherly leaving NCIS was a bit crushing for me considering how much I love his character, Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. Thankfully, the actor will be back on TV this fall in a new series that’s set to air Tuesdays on CBS right after his old show.