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Pip Torrens Dominic Cooper Preacher Dirty Little Secret S2E10

Preacher Preview: “Dirty Little Secret”

“Dirty Little Secret” is not for the faint of heart. This episode of Preacher jumps right in to what is easily its most offensive scene yet as the audience is presented an interesting take on a particular event in Jesus’ life. We get a lot of back story on The […]

And with Preacher back to form, we must say goodbye to another celebrity who didn't survive this series. Rest in peace Harry Connick, Jr. His home was blown up after B.R.A.D.'s missile was redirected once Starr realized he could use Jesse for his own gain.

Preacher Rights the Ship with “Puzzle Piece”

“Puzzle Piece” skips right to the tension that’s been weighing heavy on the trio since we got to New Orleans. Cassidy and Tulip have their own festering issue that has caused some friction between Cass and Jesse. Coupled with Tulip’s unresolved issues about her Saint of Killers nightmares and Cassidy […]

Malcolm Barrett Julie Ann Emery Preacher Puzzle Piece

Preacher Preview: “Puzzle Piece”

“Puzzle Piece” thrusts viewers back into the action as The Grail makes an organized move against Jesse. This emotionally fraught episode is awkward and enlightening and serves as a course correction from last week’s misstep with “Holes.” The tongue-in-cheek dialogue and fight sequences kick off the home stretch for the […]

Dominic Cooper Joseph Gilgun Preacher Holes Season 2 Episode 8

Preacher Gets Stuck in the Doldrums in “Holes”

Preacher dives back into hell with “Holes” and shows us what we’ve missed with Eugene and the gang over the past couple of episodes. Tulip accidentally makes contact with The Grail; Cassidy shares some deeply emotional moments with Denis; and Jesse continues spinning his wheels in his stagnant search for […]

Prisoners Hell Preacher Holes Season 2 Episode 8

Preacher Preview: “Holes”

Everyone is down in the doldrums in “Holes.” Much of the episode is spent in Hell getting a better lay of the land and finally getting more information on some of the other inhabitants we’ve met. Preacher also digs into the severely broken relationship between Cassidy and Dennis as the […]


Tuned in Tuesday: Comic-Con 2017 Edition

Would your favorite TV shows be the same without a great “soundtrack?” If they’re doing it right, you don’t necessarily notice the musical cues happening underneath all the great drama or action or comedy of the episodes as you watch. But ultimately it is up to the composer to add […]

Pip Torrens Preacher Comic-Con Trailer
Moment of Goodness / Recaps

Preacher Moment of Goodness: The Introduction of Herr Starr in “Pig”

“Pig” may well be the slowest episode of the season so far in Preacher terms. Of course, if we can call getting shot in the chest, epic flashbacks, nightmares, and waking up in a morgue drawer slow. TThe change of pace offset the rip-roaring speed at which the season is […]

Joseph Gilgun Dominic Cooper Ruth Negga Preacher Pig

Preacher Preview: “Pig”

Herr Starr steals this show in Preacher “Pig,” with a backstory that was definitely worthy of its own episode. We get to look behind the curtain at The Grail’s internal structure and we see how willing Starr is to prove he’s worthy of the organizations attention. Starr and his flashback […]

Graham McTavish Preacher Sokosha

Everything Has Its Price in Preacher’s “Sokosha”

Who knew the Saint of Killers could be civil? After Allie bought herself (and Tulip) some time by sending him in the wrong direction, it gave the three of them time to escape once again. Once they learn of Fiore’s death, they realize they’re on their own for finding a […]

Ruth Negga Dominic Cooper Joseph Gilgun Preacher Sokosha

God Takes a Backseat in this Preview for Preacher “Sokosha”

Confusion, questions, more confusion, then revelations make “Sokosha” one of the can’t miss episodes of the season. Preacher raises the stakes with this 6th episode of the season as things get all too real for Jesse and his crew. Prepare for the conversation that has been brewing since the finale […]