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The Little Drummer Girl Series Premiere Sets a Rhythm

There’s something about how John LeCarre’s work is adapted for the screen that has always stood apart from other espionage brands. Although the world is still full of suspense, with potential for sex and violence, it doesn’t play the bling-encrusted game like Fleming or rack up the bullet count like […]


Humans Season 3 Premiere Preview

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Almost 15 months after the conclusion of Season 2, Humans is back on AMC Tuesday night with its third season, which I’d legit missed was even a thing that was happening until a couple of months ago. Since this was a series that snuck up on […]

Moment of Goodness

Heather’s Top Moments Of Goodness 2017

It’s been one of those years where TV has been a bane or a balm, and around here, we go for the latter. We said goodbye to a few series this year, and made some new TV friends. In no particular order, here are some of the series and their […]


The Walking Dead Cast Celebrates 100 Episodes

Tonight isn’t just the Season 8 premiere of AMC’s zombie juggernaut The Walking Dead. It’s also the show’s 100th episode. At a press conference that took place at New York Comic Con, there was some discussion about the episode as well as hitting this major milestone.

Ruth Negga Preacher The End of the Road Season 2 finale

Preacher’s Full of New Beginnings in Season 2 Finale “The End of the Road”

Season 2 began with the promise of the grand road trip to find God that comic fans had been hoping for. There was shenanigans, explosions, stylized violence, and one liners to boot. The beginning of the second season was as perfectly “Preacher” as it could get. After some pretty poor […]

Dominic Cooper Pip Torrens Preacher season 2 finale End of the Road

Preacher Season 2 Finale Preview: “The End of the Road”

Questions are answered, new adventures take shape, and not everyone is positioned to make it to a potential third season. The season 2 finale is not as dramatic as a methane explosion that levels a whole town, but there is something that is sure to garner a visceral reaction from […]

Dominic Cooper Joseph Gilgun Ruth Negga Preacher On Your Knees

Preacher Opens New Doors with “On Your Knees”

Jesse is at his wit’s end after finding God in “Backdoors.” After a whole season of searching for the Almighty, he is conflicted about everything that he’s learned from Herr Starr. With a Messiah who is unfit to serve, and that’s putting it mildly, Jesse is turning over Starr’s proposal […]

Dominic Cooper Preacher On Your Knees

Preacher Preview: “On Your Knees”

“On Your Knees” carries on the serious tonal shift that began with “Backdoors.” As the penultimate episode to a fractured second season, Preacher feels like it’s ramping up for something massive in the season finale. After meandering about with the inmates in hell for 11 previous episodes, we’ve finally started […]

Dominic Cooper Preacher Backdoors

Preacher Preview: “Backdoors”

Secrets don’t stay hidden for long as Jesse is forced to come clean about not sending the Saint to hell. Cassidy and especially Tulip are upset that Jesse lied to them, but are willing to forgive him provided they can finally get out of town. But Jesse and The Grail […]

Dominic Cooper Preacher Dirty Little Secret

Nothing is as it Seems in Preacher “Dirty Little Secret”

Preacher first prepared viewers for a descendant of Christ in the episode that introduced the infamous Herr Starr. Countless conspiracy theories exist about Jesus having been married prior to his death, but actually seeing a Jesus sex montage was less than stellar. Worst of all, Preacher‘s Jesus is the kind […]