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Jill Wagner Talks Pearl in Paradise [Exclusive]

Jill Wagner and Kristoffer Polaha return to Hallmark Channel Saturday night in Pearl in Paradise, the second movie this summer set and filmed in Fiji. It’s the first pairing for the actors, and first Hallmark project for each since appearances in Christmas films last year.


Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams “Kill All Others”: It’s Not All Cheese and Circuses

Totalitarian regimes are a frightening concept but the proposition that when they achieve such control that the mass populace buys into its “new normal” is even more chilling. Initially, “Kill All Others” plays out with some levity built into its hyperbole. A world where advertisements are so invasive, they can […]


Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams “The Commuter”: Spall Gets Woke

Speculative fiction allows us to explore answers to life’s challenges that we don’t often entertain because real life just doesn’t work that way and, sometimes, we’ve been told they are simply unacceptable to society’s sense of morality. The sense of morality dictates that if a loved one falls ill, we […]


Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams “Impossible Planet”: Love Connections Through Time and Space

What good is imagining the future if it isn’t one where we’ll be able to realize our most outrageous dreams? Of course, where there’s money involved, there will always be someone willing to sell you that dream. In addition to the capitalization of dreaming, “Impossible Planet” also explores the possibility […]


Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams “The Father Thing”: Kinnear and Enos are Stranger Things

The body-snatcher concept is a popular premise in sci-fi and in the 1950s when Philip K. Dick wrote his short story “The Father-thing,” it was all the rage in books and film, a powerful allegory for the Communist Threat. Unlike the novel The Body Snatchers (which was adapted quickly after […]


Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams “Safe and Sound”: Even in the Future, High School Sucks

The short stories being adapted for Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams were all written in the mid-1950s and although the themes are relatively timeless, elements of the setting and technology need updating in order to propel it into our “future”. PKD wrote the short story “Foster, You’re Dead!” as a […]


Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams “The Hood-Maker”: Madden Takes a Holliday

Telepathy is one of those really tricky super-powers. Yeah, it’s cool to be able to read minds but if you can’t shut it off, there’s a sure path to insanity. Furthermore, as explored by various sci-fi and fantasy platforms, human thought isn’t a picture book with linear narrative, it’s a […]


Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams “Crazy Diamond”: Buscemi Sets Sail

The challenge of an anthology series like Electric Dreams is giving the audience enough information about the episode’s setting to understand the plot but not such an extensive exposition to bog down the pace. With only a one-hour format within which to attempt this, there are often concessions made. Unfortunately, […]


Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams “Human Is”: Cranston’s Take on Martin Guerre

The 16th century true story of the imposture of Martin Guerre has always fascinated story-tellers, retold in novels, opera, films, and even on The Simpsons. And it makes sense because, after all, it’s the story of the ultimate story-teller – a man who is able to live the fiction of […]


Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams “Autofac”: Everything Is Replaceable

The post-war dystopian future setting is a well-used device to demonstrate humanity’s sense of survival and innovation. Typically, our intrepid collection of hopeful scavengers are pitted against each other (ala Lord of the Flies), or a non-human adversary, or an environmental obstacle. In “Autofac”, the peril they face is the […]