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Altered Carbon Preview: “Fallen Angel”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] After the initial framing setup of the series premiere, Altered Carbon‘s second episode lays the groundwork for us to get a better bead on who Kovacs and Ortega really are, beyond the trappings of Envoy and Detective.


Altered Carbon Series Premiere Preview: “Out of the Past”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] If y’all have been here a while, y’all know I was all-in on Joel Kinnaman and Mirelle Enos in The Killing. Enos was back on TV for two seasons in ABC’s The Catch, which wasn’t at all my jam, but Tina and Cortney loved it. Kinnaman […]

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Kristin Lehman Talks Ghost Wars and Creating Collaborative, Safe Spaces [Exclusive]

One of the nice surprises of the fall season has been Syfy’s Ghost Wars, which is a supernatural series grounded in humanity and populated in front of and behind the camera with an impressive roster of women. That includes one of my absolute favorites, Motive‘s Kristin Lehman. Lehman started directing […]