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Dancing with the Stars “Season 24 Week 6”

Backstreet’s Back all right! On the latest Dancing with the Stars, Maks finally returned, Nick Carter sat in for Julianne and all is in sync. (Get it?) Anyway, this was an exciting week for people who love boy bands and girl groups. Also for those who worship the Team Dance […]


Two Takes: The Catch “The Birthday Party”

This week’s episode of The Catch picks up right where last week’s left off…with Ethan at Alice’s door. Ben makes himself known, which results in a very awkward conversation. Awkward for all parties involved. Except for the audience. We were highly entertained.


Dancing with the Stars “Season 24 Week 5” aka Disney Night

It’s Disney Night on Dancing with the Stars. ABC knows how to make crossover and branding work but can the pros and celebs make this synergy sing? I’m not going to lie. This could be uber cheesy or the best thing ever. Nothing in between. How did the dancers do?


Two Takes: The Catch “The Hard Drive”

According to ABC’s The Catch, the past always comes back to haunt you. Alice brought this point to light last week and when it comes to this week’s episode — “The Hard Drive” — she hit the nail on the head.


Dancing with the Stars “Season 24 Week 4” aka Most Memorable Year

This is the week of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars that tissues are needed. It’s when the celebs dance to a song from their Most Memorable Year. This theme usually produces some interesting stories. Honestly, I hate when people cry on reality shows but sometimes there is an exception. This is […]


Two Takes: The Catch “The Bad Girl”

Fun alliteration popped up in the latest episode of ABC’s The Catch.


Dancing with the Stars “Season 24 Week 3”

It’s Vegas night for the first time on Dancing with the Stars! Derek Hough returned to the dance floor to perform with his sister Julianne in a preview of their upcoming tour. We saw some 9s for the first time this season. Len was in a great mood tonight! I […]


Two Takes: The Catch “The Family Way”

As this title suggests, this week’s episode of ABC’s The Catch was all about family. We picked up where we left off with Alice and Ben both staring down the barrel of one another’s guns as they squared off over who should get the $3 million in drug money — […]


Dancing with the Stars “Season 24 Week 2”

It’s Week 2 of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, which means the first couple of the season gets eliminated. Some quick notes: Poor Maks, he was injured during rehearsal, but more about that later. Len was a little grumpier than usual. Were the dances better or worse this week? Let’s […]


Two Takes: The Catch “The Dining Hall”

WARNING: This is a recap so plenty of Spoilers for The Catch “The Dining Hall” Okay, that was fun. On ABC’s The Catch, the action picked up right where things left off last week, with Tommy enlisting Rhys’ help to (stupidly) steal the 3 million from the offshore account that’s […]