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Julie Puckrin Talks Killjoys “Ship Outta Luck” [Exclusive]

[Waning: Spoilers for tonight’s episode.] See? I told you tonight’s Killjoys would ease your troubled heart! “Ship Outta Luck” was a very fun homage to cheesy prison movies. This week, I reached out to the episode’s writer, Julie Puckrin, to ask a few questions about bringing the funny and she […]

Another Life on Netflix
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Showrunner Aaron Martin Talks Netflix’s Another Life [Exclusive]

[Warning: General spoilers for Season 1 ahead.] If you’re looking for a TV binge as the summer winds down and sci-fi is your thing, let me direct you to Another Life, available now on Netflix. My full preview of the Katee Sackhoff-led drama is here, and this week, I chatted […]


Killjoys Preview: “Ship Outta Luck”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] If there’s one thing we know from being day-one Killjoys fans, it’s that we don’t have to wait long for the emotional sucker-punch episodes to be followed up with much lighter icebreakers. Case in point, after we poured one out for Lucy last week, this week […]

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Final Season Watch: The Supernatural cast talk Season 15 at Comic-Con + TCA19

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and Alexander Calvert talk about the final season of Supernatural at Comic-Con and TCA 2019.


Krypton’s “Blood Moon” Tragedy Is No Trick of the Light

RAO. DAMN. IT. I am officially traumatized by this season. First, Dru-Zod’s insanity is fully fleshed out through Lyta’s exposition of what she experienced before the Black Mercy was administered. He not only beat her into physical submission, he then replaced her with a compliant clone and stuffed the parasitic […]

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Tamsen McDonough Talks Killjoys Season 5

Friday’s Killjoys was a standout episode for Lucy and Tamsen McDonough, who voices her and returned once again onscreen. I sat down with McDonough last August during the press day set visit. At the time, we didn’t know yet that Lucy would sacrifice herself, so we didn’t get into that, […]

City on a Hill

City on a Hill Preview: “High on the Looming Gallows Tree”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] With only three episode left this season–and we found out this week we’re getting a second—City on a Hill does a very sneaky thing this week where you get to the end and realize A LOT happened. Rachel and Hank keep working with Michaela’s journal and […]

Aurora Teagarden Mysterie
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Previewing The Aurora Teagarden August Triple Feature

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is proving how nimble it is this month, backfilling the Garage Sale Mysteries gap in August with three new Aurora Teagaren installments and a new Chronicle Mysteries. And that’s just the beginning. Every Sunday between now and the end of October, we’re […]

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Vivian Lin and Derek Robertson Talk Killjoys “Three Killjoys and a Lady” [Exclusive]

[Wanring: Major spoilers for tonight’s episode.] Dry those tears, y’all. We have the download from the writers of tonight’s ugly cry-inducing Killjoys, Vivian Lin and Derek Robertson. The duo were paired up by showrunner Adam Barken and say it was a natural progression of their working relationship as story editors […]

Love and Sunshine Final Image Assets
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Mark Deklin Talks Hallmark Channel’s Love and Sunshine [Exclusive]

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] If military-themed or dog-themed romances are your thing, Hallmark Channel is coming for you Saturday night with Love and Sunshine, the second film in their “Summer Nights” set of new premieres. Danica McKellar and Mark Deklin star as Ally and Jake, who strike up a friendship […]