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Politicon 2018: Can “The Price of Free” End Child Slavery?

The 100 Million Campaign is a call to action for a world where all young people are free, safe and educated. Founded by Noble Peace Prize Laureate Kailash Satyarthi and launched in India, Satyarthi has worked tirelessly to end the suppression of the rights of children and young people, and […]

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Politicon 2018: Carter Page Crashes the “Active Measures” Panel

The second I saw Carter Page enter the theater, I knew the question and answer portion of the panel would get interesting. But before I get to that, I want to make sure to put a spotlight on this excellent film and its director, Jack Bryan. I saw Active Measures […]

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Pursue Your Own Truth: Director Michael Del Monte and Star Janae Kroczaleski Talk “Transformer” [Exclusive]

Ever since Matt “Kroc” Kroczaleski could remember, he’d had two desires in life: to be a strong and to be a woman. Growing up as what he considered “white trash,” Matt overdid the macho thing so he wouldn’t have to deal with his vulnerabilities. When he joined the marines, it was a […]

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Shakespeare Uncovered Preview: “Measure for Measure” with Romola Garai and “Julius Caesar” with Brian Cox

I’ve always considered myself a fan of Shakespeare, but I have to admit that Shakespeare Uncovered allows me to geek out on a whole new level. I love that Shakespeare’s work is so enduring and as this series proves, there’s always a contemporary angle. Just because his original works were […]

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T-Pain Introduces Us to Up-and-Coming Millennial Entrepreneurs in T-Pain’s School of Business

We’ll admit it. The only reason we know who T-Pain is, is because we’ve heard of a little thing called Auto-Tune. Yes, we know he’s won a few Grammys. Yes, we know he’s been number 1 on Billboard. Yes, we know he’s an internationally known singer/songwriter, rapper and producer. And […]

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Investigation Discovery Preview: “Love & Hate Crime” Examines a Murder in Mississippi

When a group of white teens get into their cars and travel from their homes in the suburbs to a city with a majority black population just to mess with them, are they racist? The answer is always “yes.” In Love & Hate Crime: A Murder in Mississippi, Investigation Discovery takes […]

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Matthew Segal Wants Your Undivided ATTN: [Exclusive]

  Undivided ATTN: tackles the biggest stories and the most complex issues, but makes them entertaining, funny and digestible. With so much going on in the world, it’s impossible to keep up, right? And even if you’re trying to remain current on maybe just the big stuff, you don’t always […]

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Bob Marley Transforms from Showman to Shaman in Netflix’s ReMastered “Who Shot the Sheriff?”

The premiere: To say that watching “Who Shot the Sheriff?” was an education is a serious understatement. Not only did I get a vital history lesson on the internal and external political forces that shaped Jamaica in the ‘60s and ‘70s – and what caused the disenfranchisement and oppression of […]

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Today’s Youth Want More: Monique Coleman Previews Her New Discovery Life Series “Gimme MO'” [Exclusive]

It seems like the social and emotional issues that impact youth are neither being heard nor taken seriously. Just because someone can’t vote yet, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a say in the future of their own lives — especially when government is shaping policies that affect them directly. But […]

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Let Science Speak: Oceans Are the Engines of Climate Change [Exclusive]

The importance of science in our ever-evolving world cannot be overstated — especially since science is under attack right now. When a scientist’s work is demeaned or discounted for political (or other) reasons, what does that mean for the person behind the research? What does that mean for verifiable facts? […]