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Jasmin is an action TV junkie. If there are explosions and elaborate stunt sequences, there's a good chance she's watching. When she's not watching great action, she's either reading it off the pages of comics or playing on on one of her game consoles. You can also find her on Twitter @fiorebianca live tweeting some of her favorite shows and sports.


Superheroes on TV: Life in the Arrowverse

It’s a great time to be a superhero fan! By my count, there are 14 current series based on comics, and another 37 (potentially) on the way. These series spread across all manner of platforms, from big names on major networks; to rating behemoths on basic cable; streaming on Netflix […]


Stuck in the Doldrums, Black Sails “XXI”

Good news, most of the Walrus crew survived the storm! Bad news, they’re now stuck in the doldrums with very little food and water left. Even the uneducated men can do the math — odds of making it to land are slim. And Captain Flint doesn’t make it any easier […]


A Perfect Storm, Black Sails “XX”

Is it possible for a weather event to steal the show? If so, the hurricane that Flint and the crew of the Walrus so foolishly rode into was an absolute masterpiece. Being on a 3-mast ship in the middle of that beast sounded (and looked) like the most awful place […]