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Black Sails Tom Hopper as Billy Bones
Moment of Goodness

Black Sails Series Finale Preview: “XXXVIII”

After four years of a steady upward climb, Black Sails is coming to an end just at its peak of greatness. The series has taken fans on high seas adventures and land battles filled with intrigue, drama, and above all else, memorable characters. In the four season since the series […]


Adi Shankar on Castlevania and Why Every Project is a Passion Project

In the nearly 24 years since the first video game movie hit the big screen, Super Mario Bros., Hollywood still hasn’t been able to get the formula quite right just yet. Really big budget features like Warcraft still perform poorly while franchise staple Resident Evil seems to have maintained its […]

Black Sails Season 4 Episode 9 Flint Silver
Moment of Goodness / Recaps

Three Moments of Goodness from Black Sails “XXXVII”

This second to last episode of the series feels like the writers have wound up a spring loaded sling shot and are just a breath away from letting it loose. It is hard not to get swept up in the momentum of “XXXVII” as we trudge through dense jungle after […]

Long John Silver Black Sails S4E8

Everything is on the Line in Black Sails “XXXVI”

Has Woodes Rogers lost the plot? The Governor is hanging on Billy’s every word, seemingly to carry out the deal Eleanor set in motion. But it feels a lot more like Rogers has given up on Nassau and now only seeks revenge. Not only is he done wasting time, but […]

Black Sails Season 4 Episode 8 Luke Arnold Toby Stephens

Black Sails Preview: “XXXVI”

Everyone has passed the point of no return in “XXXVI.” Rogers, Silver, Flint, Rackham, even Max have all staked their claims and are all-in with the plans they each see fit. Never have all the players been so disconnected than in this critical episode of Black Sails. Tempers flare, vengeance […]

Black Sails S4E7 Julius

New Enemies and Allies Rise in Black Sails “XXXV”

Nassau is still working to put out fires that last week’s surprise Spanish invasion caused. While Rogers would like some time to lick his wounds, time waits for no man on this tumultuous island. With barely a moment to himself to mourn the loss of his wife (and child), the […]


Black Sails Preview: “XXXV”

Governor Rogers wanted Nassau razed to the ground, and he got his wish and then some. Having lost Eleanor, he’s in a deep downward spiral that even Mrs. Hudson may not be able to pull him from. The Spanish are gone, his forces have regained control, and he’s already begun […]

Captain Flint Black Sails Season 4 Episode 6

The Battle For Nassau Gets Bloody in Black Sails “XXXIV”

When the Spanish ships appeared on the horizon, we knew there would be a great loss to the pirates. They were divided, there was in-fighting among their leaders, and their numbers had already been greatly reduced after a disastrous attempt to take back Nassau Town. However, nothing could have prepared […]

Black Sails Season 4 Episode 5 Long John Silver and Winston

Decisions are Made for Better or Worse in Black Sails “XXXIII”

Poor John Silver — try as he might, he just can’t quite find anyone willing to leave the mess they’ve started provided the opportunity presented itself. Or is it that Silver is destined to be surrounded by people that are infinitely his greater?


Dialogue Shines in Black Sails “XXXII”

“XXXII” is the epitome of what it looks like when all hell breaks loose. The pirates were successful in taking back Nassau, but now the streets are overrun with men who have been cooped up too long under an oppressive regime. Flint’s plan includes reforming the Captain’s Council; however, many […]