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Senior Writer/Columnist: Heather began writing about TV way back when Jensen Ackles was Alec on Dark Angel (so, “dibs!” EDITOR NOTE: “No dibs!”). She never got on the reality bandwagon. Instead, her TV viewing must be scripted—she’s intensely loyal to actors, writers, and directors and loves comedy, drama, suspense, and sci-fi equally. If it was filmed in Vancouver (or Canada, really), she’s going to be all over it. Don’t look for snark. If she’s made the time to watch it, she likes it (or loves it), because life’s too short to watch sh-tty TV. But she will call BS when it’s right there for the taking. By day, she writes marketing communications for the IT sector. She’s a lifelong Texan (minus the pre-K years), so you’ll have to accept the liberal use of “y’all.” You can follow her on Twitter at @approximofnice.

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Killing Eve Preview: “I’ll Deal With Him Later”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] In the second episode of Killing Eve‘s first season, Eve reassembles her tribe under new auspices, courtesy of Caroline, while Villanelle acts out in increasingly reckless ways, collateral damage be damned.

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Lexa Doig Talks Aurora Teagarden, The Arrangement, and More [Exclusive]

Lexa Doig has been a familiar face to genre fans since her role on Andromeda. At TV Goodness, she’s on our radar from one of our absolute favorites, Continuum. Hallmark fans know and love her as Sally Allison in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ Aurora Teagarden films, and Sunday night Doig […]

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Mary Kills People Season 2 Finale Preview

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Mary Kills People ends its second season Monday night with two-hour finale that’s most definitely a one-two punch.

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Pascale Hutton Talks When Calls the Heart [Exclusive]

One of the fantastic things about When Calls the Heart is that over its five-year run, it’s tapped into the fantastic well of Canadian talent. One of those is Pascale Hutton, who plays Rosemary Coulter. I spoke with Hutton earlier this week about the role, the series, the fans, her […]

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Jonathan Keltz Talks Once Upon A Prince, Cardinal, and Reign [Exclusive]

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Hallmark Channel combines its mistaken identity and royal romance formula Saturday night with the premiere of Once Upon a Prince. Reign‘s Jonathan Keltz plays that titular prince, starring opposite Megan Park in his first film for the network. I spoke with Keltz about the movie, his […]

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Mary Kills People Preview: “Ride or Die”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] This week on Mary Kills People, Mary and Des deal with the fallout of killing Travis.

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Previewing ABC’s The Crossing

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Full disclosure: I never watched Lost. so I have no frame of reference for it, but I’ve seen folks compare ABC’s new drama series The Crossing, to that juggernaut. I’m sure ABC would weep tears of joy if this landed the same.

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Siren Premiere Preview: “Pilot” and “The Lure”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Freeform’s newest drama series, the supernaturally-themed Siren, premieres Thursday night with back-to-back episodes that set the stage for the ten-episode first season.

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Mary Kills People Preview “Twin Flames”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Three episodes into Mary Kills People‘s second season, Mary and Des find out it’s much easier to say they’ll quit each other than it is to actually follow through and do it.

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The Alienist Season 1 Finale Preview: “Castle in the Sky”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Full stop. I want another season of this show to be a thing that happens. The Alienist concludes Monday night with an excellent final chapter that, if it’s the last one ever, totally suffices, but I’m still not sated.