Articles written by: Diana Keng

Diana is a grassroots television geek living in the wilds of Vancouver, Canada where her day job takes her to the borders of Storybrooke and her home life exists within the borders of Star City and Central City. She grew up on the sitcoms and dramas of TV's Golden Age and devouring the fantasy, romance, and science-fiction novels of the pre-Internet world. She is passionate about intelligent, fun, character-driven shows with strong production value.


The “Local Color” Really Pops in Castle Rock

Every town-based series is going to have its share of colorful characters. Gotta have the eccentric elderly. Need a few rapscallion youths. Maybe a crotchety shop-keep or a nosy neighbor or three. In the short time we’ve known her, Molly Strand has been an obvious lady of the looney variety. […]


Demanding “Habeas Corpus” Proves Tricky in Castle Rock

Titles matter. In this series, we can expect them to have double (even triple) meanings, often with a darkly humorous/deep twist. For example, “Habeas Corpus” is Latin meaning literally “that you have the body”. Most commonly, we hear it on television as the legal term for reporting unlawful detention or […]


Castle Rock Series Premiere is a Study in “Severance”

There’s always a steep learning curve when new shows premiere but Castle Rock comes with a special primer in the form of Stephen King’s prolific body of work, much of which is located in or near the titular town of Castle Rock, Maine. However, I’m coming into this with only general […]


Hulu’s Castle Rock: Buckle Up, This Ain’t No Storybrooke

Stephen King’s literature-to-screen conversion rate is one of the highest, rivaling the Bible itself. His influence on popular culture cannot begin to be measured whether it’s in his figures of terror like It‘s Pennywise or Carrie (both adapted for film and tv multiple times); iconic nightmare scenarios like Paul Sheldon’s captivity in Misery (viewable on film or […]


It’s an L.A. Fairy Tale in Lucifer Bonus “Once Upon a Time”

The origin of our favourite Devil lies in the pages of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series where Mike Carey then picked up the torch and fleshed out the adventures of the first fallen angel in the City of Angels. So casting Gaiman as dear old dad, aka God, in a re-imagining […]


Ella Works Her Sixth Sense in Lucifer Bonus “Boo Normal”

Backstory on the effervescent Ella Lopez has been long overdue. She’s been a geeky, glorious ray of sunshine since joining the cast in Season 2 and the more we’ve seen of her, the more we’ve wanted to know about her. She’s been every good intention, every positive vibe, and all […]


Finale Puts Krypton on a Highway to “The Phantom Zone”

Thank Rao that Syfy announced Krypton’s renewal before this episode aired. With all the crazy cancellations flying around, it would’ve been too nerve-wracking not knowing if there was going to be a continuation to this story. There were a lot of big characters M.I.A. in this finale such as Jayna […]


Facing Annihilation, Krypton Holds Out “Hope”

I think the most interesting aspect of Krypton so far is the interpersonal dynamics and the implications therein. Beyond that, there are some AWESOME reveals in this penultimate episode. Right now, we have family ties being strained as Nyssa faces off against her father and Lyta finds herself caught between […]


It’s All About the Follow-Through In Lucifer Finale “A Devil of My Word”

Although last week’s cancellation news cast a bitter pall over the finale, it was nevertheless a powerful and exciting conclusion to the season with great potential if they are able to find a network saviour via the #SaveLucifer campaign. In the aftermath of Charlotte’s death and Amenadiel’s disappearance, everyone has […]


There’s a Little Strange and a Lot to Vex in Krypton’s “Savage Day”

Heroism and Destiny are the themes to watch for as Krypton‘s first season winds towards its finale. In a cool little flashback twist, we find out where Adam Strange goes when the Zeta-Beam Device rips him out of sight. Instead of yoyo-ing him between present-day Earth and two hundred years […]