Articles written by: Diana Keng

Diana is a grassroots television geek living in the wilds of Vancouver, Canada where her day job takes her to the borders of Storybrooke and her home life exists within the borders of Star City and Central City. She grew up on the sitcoms and dramas of TV's Golden Age and devouring the fantasy, romance, and science-fiction novels of the pre-Internet world. She is passionate about intelligent, fun, character-driven shows with strong production value.


Deadly Class Preview: Hogwarts, This Ain’t

Ahead of its January 16th premiere, Syfy dropped the pilot episode of its newest graphic novel adaptation on December 20th, aired it on December 30th, and has left it available for streaming. But, still, I guess I should still mention: WARNING: SOME MINOR SPOILERS. Focused on Marcus Lopez Arguello (Benjamin […]


The Little Drummer Girl Episode 2 Reveals the Orchestrations

I love having scenes replayed from new perspectives. The cleverness of the twist delights me with the reveal of hidden layers to what initially appeared to be stock material. So when Charlie’s screen test scene from the premiere plays again but we get to see behind the auditioner’s table and […]


The Little Drummer Girl Series Premiere Sets a Rhythm

There’s something about how John LeCarre’s work is adapted for the screen that has always stood apart from other espionage brands. Although the world is still full of suspense, with potential for sex and violence, it doesn’t play the bling-encrusted game like Fleming or rack up the bullet count like […]


Castle Rock Season Finale “Romans” is Cagey in its Ambiguity

Hm, I guess no one realistically expected a happy ending, did we? Did we? Sigh. I kinda did. But I should’ve known better. Castle Rock doesn’t breed the carefree hero. Every joy is paid for. Every action tinged with doubt. And it’s been an amazing, tragic, mesmerizing ride. I’ve truly […]


Castle Rock’s Once and Future “Henry Deaver”

Oh, the genius of a well-written parallel ‘verse! I am in awe of the elegance of this amazing reveal of The Kid’s identity. No way to emphasize this enough. It was just brilliant. Not only brilliant but mind-bending as well since it takes TIME and basically knots it fourteen ways […]


Castle Rock’s “Past Perfect” is Super InTENSE

After an episode like “The Queen” which delved deep into a single character to deliver a one-of-a-kind expository bombshell of a narrative (but which only advanced the active plot by about fifteen minutes from the end of “Filter“) there was a lot of ground to make up and, in some […]


It’s The Kid vs. “The Queen” of Castle Rock

WOW. I don’t even know where to start. This episode blew my mind. There’s genius embedded in every shot and phrase. Once again, the title plays with meaning. Remember, in chess, the queen moves in ALL DIRECTIONS. As the queen of the Castle Rock board, Ruth Deaver’s mind takes her […]


Castle Rock’s “Filter” Amplifies the Town’s Potential For Tragedy

So much of Castle Rock’s strength lies in its atmosphere. There is a sense of anticipation, of foreboding, of waiting. There is a feeling that some presence in the town is always watching, always listening. This is not a town that lets you get comfortable and complacent. We start with […]


For Each “Harvest” There Must Be Sacrifice in Castle Rock

There’s a point in any sort of horror-thriller narrative where the pace begins to pick up dramatically, the first drop of the roller coaster which will drive the action for the rest of the season. At this point, the pieces are in place. The players have been introduced. The danger […]


The Lid Comes Off “The Box” in Castle Rock

“Warden Lacey…told me that he’d always thought the Devil was just a metaphor but now he knew the Devil was a boy.” – Ex-sheriff, Alan Pangborn Henry’s been dreaming about the time he was missing in 1991. He hears his father’s voice, calling to him, and then has glimpses of […]