Articles written by: Diana Keng

Diana is a grassroots television geek living in the wilds of Vancouver, Canada where her day job takes her to the borders of Storybrooke and her home life exists within the borders of Star City and Central City. She grew up on the sitcoms and dramas of TV's Golden Age and devouring the fantasy, romance, and science-fiction novels of the pre-Internet world. She is passionate about intelligent, fun, character-driven shows with strong production value.


Full Speed Ahead for BrainDead Episode Four

I’m seriously growing to love the musical recaps BrainDead runs at the start of every episode. And look: CBS has even posted them here! With lyrics! The alien bugs have been busy. It has become clear that their infection causes the host to become more extreme in whatever allegiance they […]


Braindead Hits Its Stride in Episode 3

Every new show invariably faces the daunting needs-must task of engaging an audience quickly in its plot while providing sufficient (but not overwhelming) backstory, character development, and intriguing foreshadowing to make it stand-out in the sea of choice a television viewer is presented with daily. Understanding these challenges, start-up shows […]


BrainDead Makes Strategic Moves in Episode 2

The ambitious yet whimsical thriller-comedy BrainDead came back this week with a generous helping of intriguing plot possibilities, new players, and another exploding head. It’s always nice when a show can recap in an innovative way and Episode 2 of BrainDead hits all the right notes with a fun little […]


Politics Gets (Even More) Buggy in BrainDead Premiere

Series premieres often suffer from an overwhelming onslaught of exposition, establishing characters and setting at the expense of plot and action. Happily, Robert and Michelle King, the veteran team that brought us The Good Wife (R.I.P.), which raised the bar on “showing not telling” in the legal drama’s seven seasons […]