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Two Takes: The Catch “The New Deal”

WARNING: Spoilers for The Catch and a Suits spoiler (thanks to the presence of Gina Torres) ABC’s The Catch returned with a couple of new characters, new twists, and a new deal for Ben. Let’s backtrack a little. You see, at the end of last season, Ben came forward and […]

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Time After Time Series Preview

“We all have our time machines, don’t we. Those that take us back are memories…and those that carry us forward, are dreams” – HG Wells Memories and dreams may be all we have in the real world, but when ABC’s Time After Time lands in your living room Sunday, the […]


The Catch Season 2 Premiere Preview

The Catch is back and we at TV Goodness could not be more thrilled! We fell in love with this show in Season 1 and after watching the second season premiere. We can tell you that the twists, turns and cast of compelling characters are better than ever! Last season left off […]


Comic-Con 2016: Julie Plec and Cast Talk Final Season of The Vampire Diaries

Embed from Getty Images It’s official! The Vampire Diaries is coming to an end. With one final season in the pipeline, the cast and creators are preparing to send the show off in a blaze of blood-lust and glory. We caught up with the team at this year’s Comic-Con to […]


Comic-Con 2016: The iZombie Cast Talks Season 3

Embed from Getty Images WARNING: iZombie Spoilers It’s a zombie zombie world and we’re just living in it. Or at least that’ll be the case when Season 3 of the CW’s iZombie returns from the undead in early 2017.


Comic-Con 2016: The Blindspot Cast and EPs Talk Season 2

WARNING: Blindspot Spoilers “JANE DOE, YOU’RE UNDER ARREST” As the breakout hit of last fall and the first new show to get a full season pick-up, Blindspot hit the ground running and kept fans at the edge of their seats with mind-blowing twists and turns until the final cuff-worthy moment. […]


Comic-Con 2016: The Flash Cast Talks Flashpoint and Season 3

Embed from Getty Images WARNING: THE FLASH SPOILERS Talk about a game-changer. With the release of The Flash‘s brand new trailer, it’s clear that nothing will be the same when Season 3 kicks off on October 4th. Barry no longer has his powers. Cisco is the richest man in America. […]


Darhk-ness on the Outside and Darkness on the Inside, Arrow “Schism”

Yet another Arrow season has come to an end and once again, I’m not really sure what to say about it. Like Season 3, this year also ended with a “was that the end of the series?” feel to it. Not the typical season cliffhanger that we are used to on […]


The Times (and People) are a Changin’, Arrow “Lost in the Flood”

Change has been a HUGE part of this season on Arrow. Some characters have changed for the better, others for the worse, some haven’t changed at all and some appear to have changed but actually haven’t. It goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyways) that Oliver has been […]


The World is Safe…For Now, Arrow “Monument Point”

Lyla: The President asked me if the fate of the world is resting on an IT girl, a criminal and two guys in Halloween costumes. Oliver: They’re not Halloween costumes. They may not be Halloween costumes, but that doesn’t make POTUS wrong! This was my favorite line of the night, […]