Krypton Has an Eye On Season 3 With “Alpha and Omega” Finale

There has been a lot to appreciate this season. There’s been a lot of exciting action. We’ve met new characters and there have been some truly mind-blowing developments.

All that being said, it’s been frustrating as well. Too many villains and too many crises. And the relationships have had a hard time gaining traction with authenticity.

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As for this finale, it had the feel of last-minute packing for a trip. Yes, it all fit in the one-hour suitcase but it was squished, messy, and some vital bits were left out.

Not to mention they telegraphed the solution to the Dru-Zod issue like a sky-high emergency beacon. Since Wegthor blew up on “Blood Moon” taking with it the supply of stellarium Dru’s fleet needed to fuel the ships, we know it’s an impossibility for him to have made it to Earth.

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Tie in the fact they recap the Black Mercy he used on Lyta in detail RIGHT BEFORE the cold open and it’s a no-brainer that he’s living out a fantasy.

Flash back twelve hours and we get to watch Dru and Val posture at each other over a viewing screen. Dru threatens annihilation (again) and Val warns that the Resistance will come for him (again). Poor Lis-Ser (Aoibhinn McGinnity, Nightflyers) is left to witness Dru taking the brunt of Val’s righteousness and can only hope he doesn’t throw her out of the tower for being there.

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On the Resistance-commandeered starship, Adam’s coming to grips with his paralysis. Nyssa offers a shoulder to lean on while she gives him other things to talk about… like the zeta-beam and where he got it.

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And knowing that Nyssa isn’t known for mindless chit-chat, it’s not exactly surprising that, once she knows enough about it, she takes off with the zeta-beam to its origin planet, Rann, in hopes the Rannians (specifically, Sardath, Adam’s father-in-law) can help track down Brainiac and baby Jor-El.

More on Nyssa’s odd-sock drawer part of this duffel bag later.

Back on Krypton, at New Lurvan in the Outlands, Jayna and Dev assume that the Resistance blew up with Wegthor and toast the loss before giving in to their ridiculously awful circumstances and kissing to remember what comfort might feel like. That moment’s cut short by Lyta’s arrival and having to explain to her what’s happened.

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Somewhere between Krypton and the ruins of Wegthor, Seg survives (because of course he does) in his modified skimmer and finally makes radio contact with Val and the starship. They arrange to meet up on the surface and Seg delivers the news of Kem’s death.

Credit where it’s due. Seg’s been in emotional straits before. He saw his parents die, he (thought he’d) lost Lyta and then Brainiac took Jor-El, he reciprocated Lyta’s declaration of affection. But it wasn’t until he describes Kem’s sacrifice, that I really bought the depth of emotion he was conveying. Quite possibly because I’m feeling it too. Poor Kem.

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Val’s assurance that Kem would be remembered as an El was a fitting commemoration of the best of Kryptonians. Albeit, a little elitist in its thinking but Val meant well. I feel like Kem would’ve been pretty put-out that it took him dying to be “raised” up out of the Rankless hordes.

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In the midst of Lyta’s spit-ball planning — mostly centered on her supporters among the Sagitari — the Resistance survivors (sans Nyssa who had zeta-beamed to Rann by this point) arrive at New Lurvan and a strategy starts to take shape.

Of course, it’s not that easy. Dru already knows about the Sagitari loyalties and beats Lyta’s location out of Thur before cutting his throat with a battle pike blade. Overkill? Possibly.

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Despite the battle to come, the Resistance members take a moment to toast Kem’s sacrifice and to share intel on Doomsday. Elsewhere, Adam and Val have a heart-to-heart where Adam expresses his affection for the Kryptonians he’s grown to care for like family. Val assures him that he’ll always have a place with them.

The plan to take down Dru gets tweaked a bit when Pine contacts Lyta to let her know that Dru knows where they are. Lyta and Seg head to Kandor while the bulk of the Sagitari forces are deployed to New Lurvan.

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I’d kind of hoped their plan was more elegant than a street brawl. But, no, that’s pretty much what it was. Forget the implausibility of Seg and Lyta being able to take Dru in a fight. This is parenting consequences at its most EPIC.

Anyhoo, we know how that ends. Dru gets Black Mercy-ed (the parental approval element in his fantasy was kind of sweet) and the good guys gain control of Kandor (and Krypton).

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But there’s more. How any of it makes narrative sense is anyone’s guess.

  • Jayna and Dev discover a frozen Doomsday in the Outlands. Great.
  • Adam gets a mobilization suit (with a jet pack) so he can walk (and, potentially, fly). It’ll take some learning and probably sober driving of said suit will be encouraged. Once he regains consciousness again.
  • By the way, said mobilization suit and jet pack look EXACTLY like what Adam Strange of the comic books wore in his literary adventures. Coincidence? I think not.
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  • During the drunken Resistance celebration at New Lurvan, Seg realizes Lobo’s arrived. And is peeing on the wall. And still wants Brainiac. They shake hands on working together to find Brainiac and retrieve Jor-El.
  • Brainiac is taking Jor to Earth.
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Finally, Nyssa. In anticipation of Season 3, the “Omega” in the title of this episode seems to predict the introduction of the Omega Men, a team of extraterrestrial superheroes. This is based on Nyssa finding the Greek omega symbol painted in blood (?) on the cave wall. Why extraterrestrials use Greek symbols is a good question.

If the Omega Men are involved with Rann, there’s a better than good chance that Nyssa has landed in the middle of a war with the Citadel, the tyrants of the Vega System.

Another possibility is this is the Rann-Thanagar War. This guess is based on the flock of flying humanoids she saw overhead. Thanagar is where Hawkman and Hawkgirl originate from and canon has the Thanagareans pulling some planet-transporting shenanigans that doesn’t go well for anyone.

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There’s a third possibility (based on my DC-verse deep dive) and that’s Tamaraneans who can also fly (but I don’t believe have wings). They have an extensive history with the Citadelians. Starfire and Blackfire are well-known Tamaraneans. The original planet Tamaran was destroyed (as was New Tamaran) and the surviving Tamaraneans eventually settled on Rann.

None of this seems like it’s going to help Nyssa find Brainiac and Jor-El and it doesn’t give me much hope that next season’s narrative is going to be any more focused than it was this season.

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And I’m still trying to figure out what happened to Jax-Ur.

Krypton has yet to be renewed for Season 3 on Syfy.

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