The Alienist Preview: “Requiem”

Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

With only two episodes remaining in The Alienist, the team gets down to business this week with some old-fashioned, boots-on-the-ground detective work.

Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

Kreizler sits out most of the episode, rightfully grieving Mary’s murder, while Cyrus and Stevie wrestle with grief as well as their own assaults. The Isaacsons formally inquire Connor’s accomplice about what went down and are met with lies, and Roosevelt handles an interrogation of his own.

Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

With Kreizler choosing to abandon the case, Sara, Moore, and the Isaacsons move headquarters and keep on with it, well aware that they’re facing a countdown to the next holy day. Moore also reaches out to his young street friend, Jospeh, to reiterate his warning.

Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

It’s fascinating to watch the foursome follow Beechum’s trail in a city the size of New York when they don’t have a photograph and are left to rebuild his history to find him. It also gives Moore a chance to really see Sara and what she can do, without the shadow of Kreizler hanging over them. One note: there are some more unfriendly animal scenes in this one.

Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

Connor is still lurking about, and making the case for somebody, anybody, to kill him. I do hope we get to the bottom of who he and the ex-chief are acting in the service of, because I’m still not sold that Morgan is involved in their murderous free rein.

Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

As for Kreizler, he falls into a very dark place upon losing Mary, walling himself off at home, and it’s interesting to see the case progress without him. He led the team to the edge of all the discoveries and then handed it off, and they run with it. I’m curious to see whether or how he reintegrates in the finale, since he’s ostensibly the main character.

The Alienist airs at 10 pm/9c Mondays on TNT. If you missed an episode, they’re all online at TNT. Here are a couple of sneak peeks of “Requiem.” I really hope they decide to do a second season, and it’d be aces if we knew for sure before next week’s season finale.

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  1. Any insights in the episode into Sara and John’s feelings? We know John, especially after last week’s episode, has feelings for her. But anything new this week?

    BTW, I really enjoy your previews!

    • Thanks so much, Lee! They’re together for most of the episode, so there’s that. Luke Evans does really nice, subtle work showing the ever-so-slight shift in John’s carriage now that he finally sees who Sara is without any lingering notions of the girl she was, and without Kreizler’s voice in his head. She’s pretty focused on the case, so she’s not recognizing that shift in him, yet.

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