Altered Carbon Preview: “The Killers”

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[Warning: general spoilers ahead.]

Reminder: I’m previewing the episodes one at a time. You can catch my previous previews here. After nine intense, mind-bending, emotional episodes, Altered Carbon ends its first season with a showdown aboard Head in the Clouds, a little bit of closure, and a few possible paths forward for a second season.

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As Episode 9 ended, Kovacs, Ortega, and Vernon found themselves in quite the shit show of a predicament. “Rage in Heaven” revealed the full depths of Rei’s determination to bring her brother to heel beside her, in devastating, permanent ways.

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That misguided, singular-focus warpath continues in the season finale as saviors attempt to render aid on multiple fronts–Ava and Mickey at the Raven, Tanaka getting an unlikely assist from Oumou, and then there’s Poe and Lizzie, pulling off an extremely impressive, heartbreaking Hail Mary.

There’s a significant amount of hand-to-hand combat and weaponry as everyone throws down hard in a series of kill-or-be-killed encounters. There are also piercing moments of quiet and loss as some of the foregone conclusions come to pass.

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Thankfully, the finale does that thing that a lot of shows do, closing out the main hook a little early to leave room to round back and wrap up both the Bancroft murder and the mystery about what happened to Lizzie, and still have time to put pieces on the board if they get to come back.

Photo Credit: Netflix

It’s a solid finale to a stellar first season. I’m so glad for everyone involved that they got to participate in it. Totally worth the wait and I hope they get to do it again. Now that I’ve sat with it a bit, I’ll be back soon with my top moments of the season.

Altered Carbon‘s first season is available now on Netflix.

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