The Alienist Preview: “These Bloody Thoughts”

Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Last week on The Alienist, we saw Kreizler unleash his less delicate personal skills on Moore and Sara, and this week, if you’re like me, you’re going to wonder how it is that he still has any of his teeth.

Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

The Isaacson brothers make an interesting discovery outside the old garrison that leads to another look at the earlier brothel. Moore is along for that second outing, and he makes a discovery of his own that sends him on a path to find out more about the silver smile.

Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

Moore gives Mary a welcome break from her routine, but when his sketch book is found and returned, both things beget him another Kreizler tongue lashing. Kreizler gets one of his own when he visits a former patient for more insight into indelicate impulses. And a second patient gives him insight of the gorier variety.

Sara sets herself up for another uncomfortable exchange with Kreizler that leaves her further unsettled, and she presses Roosevelt for the background on his unusual tics. In the process, we found out that Kreizler doesn’t really need to look very far to understand why people act badly toward others.

Photo Credit: Kata Vermes/TNT

We do finally get a full view of the killer, and more conjecture about his actual identity, from the police side of the house, anyway. Meanwhile, the investigative team learn they’re not as covert as they think they are.

The Alienist airs Mondays at 9 pm/8c on TNT. If you missed an episode, you can watch now on TNT’s website. Here’s a sneak peek of “These Bloody Thoughts.”

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