Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce “Rule #155: Go With the Magician”

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce wraps it latest – shorter – penultimate season with a few realizations, surprises and decisions for the ladies. The set of challenges they encounter are potentially life-altering.

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Life at work continues to prove problematic for Abby (Lisa Edelstein) as she and Barbara (Retta) still disagree on pretty much everything. So much so that they’ve taken it to the next level: couples counseling. A great idea on paper until both their personal issues become obstacles for them to make it work. Babs refuses to continue to feel unworthy and at some point Abby is distraught enough to end up calling her “Lady Parts” partner/friend by her ex-husband’s name. Clearly Abby has divorce PTSD. Maybe that explains why she completely blames herself by the end of the episode in a confession to Mike (James Lesure). Yet evidence says, it takes two to break up a marriage and most relationships.

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Speaking of Mike, he’s proving to be an incredible support for Abby. After having her dad at home, she realizes that she is not a caretaker and that the situation with her dad is much too serious for him to stay with her to get proper care and attention. Her visit to a nursing home is daunting but Mike helps her find a good spot for him as heartbreaking as it is to let him go. Edelstein and Bostwick take us through the emotional wringer in this episode. The only sweet thing that soothes the soul after this ordeal is seeing Abby get a much deserved break in the end when she kisses Mike.

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Meanwhile, Babs not only has to deal with the mess with Abby but she’s feeling insecure in her relationship with Darrell (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) as he is grieving his late wife. She tells the therapist that both these relationships trigger the past when she was made to feel like she wasn’t enough. She is ready to give up because she is already getting hurt but, fortunately, her feelings for him prevails. She’s in love with him and instead of running away, she admits it. There is hope yet for these two. He has to say it back during the last season, right?

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On the baking front, Jo (Alanna Ubach) is thinking of expanding Rize, unless she listens to her daughter and creates a hipster paradise. The business space next door is available and she is considering her options so she is using everybody around her as a sounding board. It’s hilarious and allows a few of her epic one-liners. Albert (Brian Markinson) offers to pay the bill and she eventually agrees. We can only wish her all the success in the world. Complications ensue next season.

Since we are on the topic of buns, Delia (Necar Zadegan) is feeling queasy and comes to the conclusion that she might have a little bun in the oven. She isn’t pleased to say the least. She doesn’t consider herself mother material and also political Paul (Ignacio Serricchio) is Catholic, the non-progressive kind apparently since he’s against abortions. Anyway, it’s scary to take the test but Delia eventually gets to it. We don’t get to find out the outcome because the credits are about to roll and this is the way the show is telling us to tune in for the final season – as if we wouldn’t.

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Next season will also enlighten about the weird vibes we get from Phoebe’s (Beau Garrett) brother. He shows up on her doorstep, ready to resume his relationship with his sister after just getting out of jail. This screams freeloading and bad news. Phoebe is shocked and refuses him access. To think things were looking up for her. After not selling her house, she puts her guest house up for rent and she got her job back thanks to Damian. Her life is never dull, though. That Tarot cards reading should have come with extra warnings.

Photo Credit: Dean Buscher/Bravo

According to Bravo, the final season of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is set to air in early 2018. Are you ready to bid farewell to Abby and her gals? Because we are not.

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