Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce “Rule #706: Let Them Eat Cupcakes”

This week’s Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is a roller coaster of emotions and probably the most tear-jerking episode yet as one of Abby’s parents passes. Previous seasons established how she had somewhat of a challenging relationship with them but no matter what, the loss of a parent and particularly one of the same sex, is always gut-wrenching and life-altering, even as an adult. Obviously, Abby adores her dad and loves her mom very much despite conflicts that are pretty standard within every family.

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Abby (Lisa Edelstein) and Barbara (Retta) are still working on their brand and trying to get advertisers and investors for their new website Lady Parts. Unfortunately, Abby’s mom informs her that her dad had a stroke so she rushes to the hospital. There she is, our distressed Abby in high heels strutting through the hospital hall trying to get to her dad. We suddenly get a House déjà vu of Edelstein as powerhouse Dean of Medicine Lisa Cuddy at the helm of PPTH for seven seasons. This time, her character is the patient’s family and Edelstein is more heartbreaking than ever.

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Mom McCarthy (Lesley Ann Warren) sets her mind on baking to help cope with the situation but Abby knows she’s in denial. Eventually, Abby gets impatient and blunt with her but it allows the two women to realize that they are fighting the same fight for their beloved husband and father. It’s a poignant moment of reunion as they share the same fears. They are both struggling with the prospect of Dad McCarthy (Barry Botswick) never waking up and decide to say goodbye. Abby goes in first to open up to her dad in a touching moment only to return to the waiting area to find her mom inanimate from a heart attack. Her mom basically passes from a broken heart. Such a cruel turn of events that leaves Abby completely blindsided and alone. It’s excruciating to watch as it personally brings back some of the most agonizing memories for this particular viewer.

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Elsewhere in L.A., the girlfriends have a lot on their plates as well. Another hurtful side of post-divorce life is thrown right at Phoebe (Beau Garrett) as her ex files for primary custody of their children. It’s rough for any mother to imagine losing her kids but they seem to have a more regular life with their father. In spite of loving them, she’s been failing them ever since she got distracted with her spur of the moment marriage and the company she’s been keeping in her new career path. Maybe Phoebs just needs some time off to get her life back on track to offer a more stable environment for her kids. It’s interesting to revisit this aspect of divorce again within the show but differently than when it was Lila (Janeane Garofalo) going through it.

Meanwhile, Jo (Alanna Ubach) and Delia (Necar Zadegan) finally debate the fact that Jo is dating her former lover/co-worker Albert (Brian Markinson). It’s unsure how this tricky situation will unfold but it’s regrettable that a man is coming between these friends. Jo wants to see it through with Albert because they feel connected and Delia warns her he might be ill-intended. Dangerous ground but let’s wait and see how it plays out.

Unlike the rest of the ladies, this week Babs is living up to the new motto from the show’s title ‘bossing it up.’ Babs suggests joining Abby after she finds out about her mom but instead, Abby leaves her in charge and with full trust to handle anything related to their business. Babs is truly a constant for Abby now providing both emotional and professional support. These gals have come a long way and their friendship is precious.

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The girlfriends eventually show up at the hospital to support their bestie Abby in these tough times. Just when Abby is called into her dad’s room and presumes the worst has happened – as we all do – she is greeted by her dad, alive and awake! Abby’s clearly overjoyed her dad has made it but at the same time, she has the dreadful task to inform him his wife is gone. It does not get more bittersweet than that.

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Every year, Marti Noxon and her team offer an installment that is above and beyond expectations but this one is especially relatable and personal. Emmylou Diaz penned an excellent true-to-life script which was beautifully directed by Tanya Wexler. Edelstein and Warren were especially brilliant and extremely vulnerable while bringing more truth and real feelings to this shocking story than one can usually anticipate from the dramedy.

Some say you never really grow up until you lose a parent. Abby is forcibly all grown-up now and hopefully the changes she will have to go through due to this pain and facing her own mortality might lead to transform her life for the better. It’s been a rough year following her divorce, what with menopause, her daughter being sexually active and breaking up with the Coach. Thankfully, she’s got her best gals around. It remains to be seen how Abby will be able to cope in the upcoming moths.

Needless to say, next week will make room for Shiva – I am eager to see the show’s depiction of another Jewish ritual after how beautiful their take on Shabbat was – and it looks like Coach Mike Brady (James Lesure) will be back to offer Abby a shoulder to lean on in these difficult times. Is it Thursday yet?

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce airs Thursday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.

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