Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce “Rule #10: Just Survive”

On Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, Abs (Lisa Edelstein) and Babs (Retta) are fully committed to making their new site, Lady Parts, a success after the extra PR push from Temple Hampton (Denise Richards) — thanks to Will (Warren Christie) — put them on the map.

They are scheduled for a TV interview and it’s understating it to say that this turns out to be all kinds of weird. Abby is busy being all up in Lilly’s (Conner Dwelly) business after catching her teenage daughter in a compromising position so she delegates to Barbara. Of course in Abby’s head that means hiring a behavioral coach who stresses Barbara out so she ends up messing up her first TV appearance. It’s painful to watch. Abby’s face is basically all of us having second-hand embarrassment.

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Babs is eventually game for more TV time, preferably accompanied with Abs for their next gig, after getting a pep talk with her adorable man Darell. Malcolm Jamal-Warner is such a perfect match for Retta. These two make for a sweet and sassy couple. I am also pleased to see Abby and Barbara make some progress in their new professional dynamic. They are now equals and get to share responsibilities as well as the spotlights. Don’t anticipate a smooth ride though as these are still two strong and stubborn ladies with their own ideas that often diverge.

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Meanwhile, hyper Abby is debating getting together with Will to take her mind off work and her daughter. What is there to ponder really when you can be with a hot, fine and successful guy with whom you share history and chemistry while both being available? Anyway, as thrilled as I am to see my favorite pairing of the show share some sweet and sexy times again, it plays out in a way that feels a bit off and way too casual compared to what they previously had.

Based on their past connection and strong affection, it always seemed like they had potential for something more. Nevertheless, they are now friends – with or without benefits – who care a lot about each other and remain tender together. This is a much better farewell than how they parted ways the last time they hooked up. This also makes room for Coach Mike (James Lesure) to come back into the picture later on.

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JD (Aaron Staton) and Phoebe (Beau Garrett) are a mess! She’s still hanging out with Gemma (Daisy Betts) and she hasn’t spoken to her husband since their fight up at the cabin. This doesn’t look like the right strategy to win him over. It’s too bad Phoebe finally realizes all too late that she wants a real life with JD and not the fakeness offered/paid for by Gemma. He’s had enough and calls it quits. Phoebe is always looking for something else to feel good about herself when she has people around her who love and appreciate her. Hopefully this time she really learns from her mistakes so she can grow from them.

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It takes the whole weekend of their silent retreat for Albert (Brian Markinson) to come clean to Jo (Alanna Ubach) about who he really is — the guy who helped ruin Delia’s (Necar Zadegan) wedding. After sleeping on it, Jo is ready to give him a shot anyway. I like that they are trying and want to see where this is going. They hit it off very quickly, they admit they already feel something quite unique between them and they are both on a path to better their lives. It’s a good representation of divorced people who know there’s a second life out there for them to live and decide to take it instead of hesitating and playing it safe.

It remains to be seen if Delia will share that perspective. She might be on to them already. Her post annulment path has been quite shaky but it’s good to see her on the right track. She’s a kickass lawyer who’s taken a liking for cases that big law firms wouldn’t touch. She feels compelled to help the less fortunate. A real departure which definitely agrees with her.

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On top of things, she met this attractive and smart lawyer Paul (Ignacio Serrichio) who not only has a sense of humor but a lot of ambition. He challenges her and she seems perfectly up to the task even outside of her comfort zone with their current case. That’s a winning team in my book.

Then there’s Lilly who is becoming sexually active. At the end of the day, she probably has the situation unfolding in a way that every girl her age who wants to become intimate with her boyfriend should get to experience. Her mother is overly freaked out yet she still does the right thing by talking about it, albeit awkwardly, and taking her to the gynecologist – a cringe-worthy yet hilarious visit. (These are the types of antics that make me wish for Edelstein to go back to comedy at some point.) Lilly’s boyfriend treats her with respect during her first time that she describes as amazing which leaves her happy but a little bit more afraid to get hurt. Welcome to that aspect of adulthood!

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My favorite scene of the whole episode has to be the morning after chat between Abby and Lilly. Abby is calm and completely supportive of Lilly who is in the mood to share with her mom. Dwelly and Edelstein are heartwarming here and they clearly have a special bond that goes beyond the screen. The love and affection expressed during their talk feels completely genuine. After all, Edelstein is inspiringly nurturing off screen as well.

I feel like the girlfriends are all in a very interesting place in their lives right now, full of opportunities to turn their lives around. The guide to divorce has turned into the guide to making a happier life for yourself.

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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