Date My Dad Preview: “The Outfit”

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WARNING: Date My Dad spoilers

Remember last week when Ricky let Maribel know she wasn’t just beautiful she was smart, too? The two shared a really sweet moment, right? Bonding time is over.

Cut to this week’s episode where father and daughter are embroiled in a massive fight that involves a lot of yelling and it all starts with an outfit Maribel wears that’s seriously lacking in fabric. Seriously. Ricky’s not having it. Meanwhile, Maribel is confident in her choice. It’s about to get rough up in this here Cooper household.

Synopsis for “The Outfit”

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Mirabel gets her sisters rethinking their wardrobes when she’s stopped by Ricky as she is trying to leave the house wearing an inappropriate outfit. Meanwhile, Ricky’s brother and sister-in-law ambush him with a double date.

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This fight brings up a lot of feelings and memories, which means get ready to witness a couple of flashbacks to the time when Ricky’s wife was alive. It’s a nice touch that serves to add a little depth to this family dynamic.

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In other news, Rosa’s feeling unloved. She’s about to learn that things are never what they seem when it comes to this family. Also, with Maribel’s wardrobe decisions becoming the focus of so much attention, Elisa turns her attention to her own sense of style, or what she thinks is her lack of fashion sense.

And, finally, Ricky’s dating adventure continues. Last week there was that creepy baseball groupie that ended up asking him for an autograph and a selfie. Retired Yankee Derek Jeter even warned Ricky against dating this woman.

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This week, Bill and Jackie (played by the very awesome Lochlyn Munro and Karen Holness) drop a surprise on him. They engineer a double date. Will Ricky go with the flow? Will he end up having a good time? Or will this situation end up like most of his other recent forays into single life: a disaster?

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A new Date My Dad airs this Friday at 9/8c on UPtv.

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