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Quick Takes: Preview of Billion Dollar Buyer Season Finale

Photo Credit: NBCUniversal

Photo Credit: NBCUniversal

Tonight on CNBC, it’s the Billion Dollar Buyer season finale. Two companies. One goal. It’s a game-changing opportunity that will place a small business on the road to success. All that stands in their way is restaurant mogul Tillman Fertitta. He’s looking for the next hot product that will nicely fit into the empire he’s built.

Meet the Man:

Photo Credit: Nick Valinote/CNBC

Photo Credit: Nick Valinote/CNBC

Synopsis for the Season Finale: This week, the Billion Dollar Buyer heads to California to meet with two cutting-edge small businesses. First up is iPourIt, a self-service beverage technology that could change the bar industry forever. Next is Further Products, whose owners want to bring their proprietary recycled soaps to the mass market. Will either team sell Tilman on their innovative products or are they too far ahead of the curve?

Sneak peek of the season finale:

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 7.07.05 AM

Photo Credit: Bob Levey/CNBC

iPourIt or Further Products. Which business will impress Tilman and walk away with the deal? Find out when The Billion Dollar Buyer season finale premieres tonight at 10/9c on CNBC.

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