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8 Moments of Goodness from the Revenge Series Finale

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

We knew it was coming but would we get what we wanted from the series finale of Revenge? It’s not like the writers and producers knew when they filmed the last episode that it was definitely the end.

All in all, it was surprisingly a nice wrap up to this crazy ride. Amanda was finally at the end of her revengenda…or was she? Well, let me just say that personally I was satisfied with this ending. I wasn’t sure I would be but it’s everything that I wanted to happen. The main thing that made me the happiest is that Jack and Amanda were finally together.

After all the obstacles, Jack and Amanda finally had their day. But there were a total of eight main moments that made this series end on a high and interesting note.

The corpse that Victoria used was her mother’s

Obviously we knew Victoria had some serious issues with her mother. I wondered how Victoria found this particular corpse and then was able to be in the dead woman’s home. It seemed like it was full circle for Victoria and her mom. We found out in flashback that Victoria went to visit dear old mom when she was sick in the hospital. That’s when Victoria also found out that the man who raped her was actually her father. How messed up is that? That really makes me feel sorry for Victoria and not mad that she used her mother for her corpse. It makes sense in their dysfunctional world and, as her mother said, they would see each other again in hell. That would be an interesting conversation, don’t you think?

Amanda/Emily pleads guilty to the “murder” of Victoria Grayson

Amanda/Emily finds out that Ben was murdered and feels guilty about that. In court, she pleads guilty for offing Victoria. You think it’s because she just wants everything to stop but I should have known it was part of a bigger plan. What we don’t know at first is that Nolan and Amanda/Emily had a plan if one of them was thrown in jail, which Nolan explains to Jack. A Guilty Amanda/Emily is motivated to get to Victoria before she disappears forever. Amanda breaks out of jail with the help of Nolan and Jack and needs to find Victoria. The duo of Nolan and Emily will be missed but, throughout the series, they showed they are the team that would always win, even when it seemed impossible.

Jack and Amanda finally seal the deal

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Let’s be real, this is what we were waiting for. They figured out Ben died at Victoria’s mother’s place. And the prison released details about Amanda escaping. What else did the show have to accomplish? Make things official with Jack and Amanda. As a result, they share a moment in Victoria’s dead mom’s home. She admits to being scared. Jack and Amanda finally have their kiss and then finally start hooking up. Cut to them finally having their first time together. Lots of “finallys” here. But one of the sweetest moments was when Jack said Amanda would always be safe with him. No more, “Poor Jack.” Well maybe just one more…

Courtney Love aka White Gold stabs Jack

I realize that it’s just a character but she is who she is. (Side note: I just saw the Kurt Cobain documentary so she was on my mind) Margaux’s assassin, White Gold, was ordered to hunt down Amanda and bring her back to jail. But while Margaux puts the crazy one on the case, a disguised Amanda’s busy at the office of the dentist that was integral in setting her up. This is key in proving Victoria’s alive. Meanwhile, Jack leaves a note saying he’s getting them food. Well, of course, this means Jack’s in the wrong place at the wrong time, which leads to the very last “Poor Jack” moment of the entire series. Yup, we had to have one more in the show’s final episode.

Nolan and David figure out that Margaux paid this assassin and they realize she’s coming after Amanda. As Amanda finds exactly what she needs to prove she’s innocent of Victoria’s murder, she talks to Nolan. Her best friend tells her she’s “in danger girl.” (Side note: there haven’t been enough funny Nolan lines this season so I’m glad they at least got that one in there. Even if it is originally from the movie, Ghost)  Once she realizes that it’s actually Jack that’s now in danger, she goes into rescue mode. But Nolan does the smart thing and calls the police and they get there just in time to save Jack. But the assassin is gone. For once the police is called and it works out for the best.

Louise comes to her senses that Victoria is the enemy not Nolan and Amanda

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Well Louise has been a real unstable presence since she came to the Hamptons. Victoria’s funeral takes place and, of course, Victoria being the narcissist that she is, shows up in disguise. She hears the heartfelt words Louise says about her and sees that her own children didn’t show up for the funeral. Victoria actually feels guilty that Louise is suffering and tells Margaux to bring her over so she can tell her she’s alive and to thank her for what she said. Margaux doesn’t think this is a good move but Victoria is now cocky and thinks she’s safe from Amanda and her posse. What she doesn’t count on is that Louise goes straight to Nolan and Amanda and tells her where Victoria is. Finally Louise seems sane. I feel like she redeems herself for being so gullible.

Jack asks David for Amanda’s hand in marriage

Talk about a sweet moment. Jack’s laid up in the hospital after being stabbed and asks David permission to marry Amanda. David knows she will be in good hands with Jack and it also shows Jack’s character as the good guy, the right guy. Remember, David is still a dying man and wants to make sure that his daughter will be okay.

Victoria and Emily both look like they’re going to die.

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

The showdown everyone has waited for. Amanda is determined to kill Victoria. Victoria is smart and has cameras installed in case Amanda showed up. Victoria’s a step ahead and is prepared for her enemy. But Amanda doesn’t care and as she’s about to take the shot. But it turns out David’s the one that does the deed. However, with Victoria’s last bit of strength, she picks up a gun and shoots Amanda. Cut to black. We don’t find out who lives and who dies until after the break. Nice set up to see what happens next.

From the beginning, the main battle has been Victoria vs. Emily. It was such a dynamic pairing. Emily is the hero of the series but the way Madeleine Stowe played Victoria, you could see that she wasn’t a complete monster and that sometimes it was her circumstances that lead her to do the things that she did. But at the end she had nothing. Not even her life.

Jack and Amanda get married and sail off into the sunset

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

We find out Amanda survives and Victoria is dead. Charlotte’s back in Amanda’s life and they visit their father’s grave together. It’s sad but David and Amanda had a year together because he was out on special release after killing Victoria. Then David dies on the deck of the home where everything started. It was very poetic.

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

And the series ends with Jack and Amanda finally married and together. Nolan gives her away which is sweet. They even bring up the characters that died along the way.

As they sail into the sunset, Amanda keeps having a dream that Charlotte gave her Victoria’s heart. By the way it looked we, as viewers, will never know if it was a dream or Charlotte actually did this. As for Nolan, Amanda provides him with a new purpose.

Will the character of Nolan get a spinoff and a new Revenge? It could happen since a new person comes to filthy rich hacker/businessman with a request to help prove that his mom is innocent. They had to leave something in case the show didn’t get cancelled. And with that, the Hamptons is closed…for now.

Goodbye, Revenge, we knew you well.

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