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The Librarians Series Premiere Preview [PHOTOS, VIDEO, INTERVIEWS]

Photo Credit: James White/TNT

Photo Credit: James White/TNT

WARNING: Mild Spoilers for TNT’s The Librarians

Noah Wyle and Rebecca Romijn exercising their comedic chops. John Larroquette back on TV. Christian Kane with short hair. Bruce Campbell as a guest star. You’ll get all this plus much more when TNT expands its Librarian franchise with a new series based on those TV movies. We tell you what you need to know about TNT’s The Librarians. Take a look at this funny promo that makes fun of the whole librarian moniker. It pretty much sets the tone for what promises to be a fun, supernatural, rollercoaster ride of a show.

Series Synopsis

Photo Credit: James White/TNT

Photo Credit: James White/TNT

The Librarians centers on an ancient organization hidden beneath the Metropolitan Public Library dedicated to protecting an unknowing world from the secret, magical reality hidden all around. This group solves impossible mysteries, fights supernatural threats and recovers powerful artifacts from around the world. Among the artifacts housed in the Library are the Ark of the Covenant, the Spear of Destiny, the Judas Chalice and Excalibur, to name a few. Only a person with special skills could be responsible for collecting and protecting these artifacts, and more importantly, for preventing them from falling into the wrong hands.

For the past 10 years, Flynn Carsen (Wyle) has served as the Librarian. Prior to taking the job, he was a bookish nerd with 22 academic degrees and absolutely no social skills. As Librarian, however, he managed to use his extraordinary knowledge, successfully recovering ancient artifacts and, in the process, saving the world from unspeakable evil on more than one occasion. Over the last decade he’s gone from bookworm to dashing swashbuckler, one of the secret heroes of the hidden world.

As great as Flynn is, the job of Librarian has become more than one person can handle. To aid him in his duties, the Library has recruited four people from around the world to defend the Library from dark magic, including Eve Baird (Romijn), a highly skilled counter-terrorism agent who is responsible for protecting the group and keeping them all alive; Jacob Stone (Kane), an Oklahoma oil worker with an IQ of 190 and an encyclopedic knowledge of art history; Cassandra Cillian (Booth), a quirky young woman with the special gift of auditory and sensory hallucinations linked to memory retrieval, known as synesthesia; and Ezekiel Jones (Kim), a master of new technologies and aficionado of old classic crimes who enjoys playing the role of international man of mystery who has sticky fingers.

Overseeing the new team of Librarians is the somewhat cantankerous Jenkins (Larroquette), an expert in ancient lore who has been working out of the Library’s branch office for longer than anyone knows. Together, they must tangle with many adversaries, chief of whom is the Serpent Brotherhood, an ancient cult led by the mysterious immortal Dulaque (Matt Frewer).

The Cast/Characters

Rebecca Romijn as Eve Baird

Photo Credit: James White/TNT

Photo Credit: James White/TNT

Until the Library recruited her, Baird was the leader of a counter-terrorism squad for NATO. She’s a tough-as-nails soldier and a brilliant tactical mind. Now, she must put her military background to use as the Library’s Guardian – charged with protecting Flynn and his new recruits as they set out on their harrowing adventures. The world of magic is new to Baird and she often finds herself incredulous of the mysteries that her team uncovers. She also finds herself awestruck by Flynn’s brilliance and struggles to keep her relationship with him strictly professional.

Rebecca talks about the light tone of the show

Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen

Photo Credit: Scott Patrick Green/TNT

Photo Credit: Scott Patrick Green/TNT

Both quick-witted and fast on his feet, it’s no surprise that perpetual scholar Flynn Carsen was destined to become The Librarian. With over twenty degrees under his belt, Flynn must use his extensive knowledge to investigate magical occurrences across the globe, acquire mysterious and mythological artifacts for the Library’s collection, and thwart the advances of the evil Serpent Brotherhood. When it comes to interpersonal skills, Flynn is charming but slightly awkward. He’s a bit of a loner, and has trouble accepting the help of the Library’s new recruits – especially that of his beautiful Guardian and companion, Eve Baird.

Rebecca talks about working with The Librarian himself, Noah Wyle

Christian Kane as Jacob Stone

Photo Credit: James White/TNT

Photo Credit: James White/TNT

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Jacob Stone has spent his entire life trying to fit in with the cowboys he works alongside over at the oil pipeline. But the truth is, Stone is a genius when it comes to art, architecture and history. After being targeted for assassination by Dulaque and the Serpent Brotherhood, Stone is recruited by Flynn and Baird to help defeat them and save the Library. He is the perfect mix of brains and brawn and is equally skilled at analyzing a Bernini as he is at cracking heads in a bar-brawl.

Christian talks about his shorter hair and reuniting with Leverage‘s Dean Devlin and John Rogers

Lindy Booth as Cassandra Cillian

Photo Credit: James White/TNT

Photo Credit: James White/TNT

As far back as Cassandra can remember, she’s always been smart. But ever since a life-threatening tumor (affectionately referred to as her “brain grape”) began metastasizing inside her head, Cassandra has been given the gift of synesthesia – the ability to link all five senses to her memory. For Cassandra, numbers appear as colors, science as musical notes, and when she does math she smells things… mostly breakfast. It goes without saying that her unique skills are an invaluable asset to the Librarians.

Lindy talks about her character’s special gift

John Kim as Ezekiel Jones

Photo Credit: James White/TNT

Photo Credit: James White/TNT

Easily the most morally corrupted of the Library’s new recruits, Ezekiel Jones is a world-class thief who looks out for one person and one person alone… Ezekiel Jones. He often comes in handy when the Librarians need to get into an impossibly secure area or out of a tight jam. Ezekiel loves the thrill of adventure and is always up for a good challenge but still has to prove to his team that he can be trusted.

John talks about his character’s anti-hero ways

John Larroquette as Jenkins

Photo Credit: James White/TNT

Photo Credit: James White/TNT

Jenkins is the reclusive caretaker of the Library’s sleepy little Annex in Portland, Oregon. He’s a bit of a hermit by nature and would be more than happy to spend his days holed up in his Magic Lab tinkering away on gadgets. Suffice it to say, Jenkins is not pleased when Flynn, Baird and the rest of the Librarians show up at his doorstep looking to set their new base of operations in his once quiet sanctuary.

The two-hour series premiere of The Librarians airs tonight at 8/7c.


Executive Producer John Rogers talks about the tone of the show

Rogers talks about his favorite episode of the season (which features guest star Bruce Campbell)

Rebecca Romijn Talks about Reuniting with her King & Maxwell costar, Christian Kane

Christian Talks More About TNT’s The Librarians

Photo Credit: Scott Patrick Green/TNT

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