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Supernatural 200: Guest Stars Praise the Show’s Fans [INTERVIEWS]

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/ The CW

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/ The CW

Tonight on the CW, Supernatural reaches rarified air: its 200th episode, which is called “Fan Fiction.” The producers and cast are celebrating this major milestone with an hour of television that serves as a nod to fans. They know we’re out there. They know we’re passionate about the show. They know we like to dissect every aspect of the drama, the comedy, the music, the car and everything else that makes it to our small screens Tuesday nights at 9/8c. They’re showing respect for our almost ten years of loyalty as well as our ability to spread the Good Word every chance we get.

Synopsis for “Fan Fiction”: When Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate the disappearance of a teacher, they are stunned to see the school is putting on a musical based on their lives. Familiar faces abound in this milestone episode. Phil Sgriccia directed this episode written by Robbie Thompson.

Photo Credit: TV Goodness

Photo Credit: TV Goodness

At the recent Supernatural 200th Episode Fan Party, TV Goodness exclusively chatted with some of the show’s guest stars over the years. Most of them said the same thing when we asked what was the best or most surprising part of joining the Supernatural universe: THE FANS. It’s kind of appropriate considering the name of the episode does feature that very word.

Here’s what some of the actors had to say:

Sebastian Roché (Balthazar): First of all, what surprised me the most is that all the actors would become amazing friends. All around me I have these people that I know that I love. And then the fandom started happening. I had no clue that the Supernatural fandom was so amazing and so loyal. So that’s pretty much it. And how much following there is for the show. And Jared, Jensen, Misha and everyone were so fabulous to me. Everyone was so kind. I stepped into a family, basically. And once you’re part of the family you never leave the family. It’s like the mafia.

Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills): The support of the fans. Absolutely the support of the fans. My daughter is in public school and they had a flood, their library got washed out. It’s a public school so they had a fundraiser. And I don’t ask the fans because I feel that it’s like an abuse of who I am. But for my kid, I was like look…if you’re so inclined, could you donate to this charity so my kid’s school has a library? They blew me away. I am the most famous person at that school. Not because of Supernatural. Not because of Disney Channel. Not because of what I do. But they’re like, ‘You’re the one who got the money for the library!’ And so now every time there’s a fundraiser they’re like, ‘Will you be on my team?’ I’m like, no I can’t. That was…once a year, I will do the library. Because the other thing is, I’m like the fans. I’m bookish. I love sci fi. Most of us are middle-aged women, you know? And…think Jensen’s really cute. So I feel like I never want to cross that line of, now I’m me. And you’re you.

Photo Credit: TV Goodness

Photo Credit: TV Goodness

Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley): The fandom. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. This fandom is not only loyal and cool and smart but they talk about it. And I really think that that’s one of the reasons why this has stayed on for so long. It’s actually more popular now then it was when it started. Because today they can do that. They can talk about it. And people listen, you know? I feel like it’s this active thing that’s going on between the fans and the show so, yeah, that’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

Tahmoh Penikett (Gadreel): Becoming part of a new show is — a lot of it has to do with the leads and the vibe on the set. That’s always a big deal when you get on a set and you start to feel it out. Luckily for these guys being the humble, extremely funny, ball busting duo that they are – Jensen and Jared are…and Misha – the vibe on the set is like a…it’s like a boys’ club, man. They love to joke around. Of course with the exception of all the beautiful female guests who are on the show too. Everyone’s taking a piss the whole time. It makes it pretty easy to work when you come in to an environment like that – especially when they welcome you in. So for me the experience so far has been pretty amazing. And how quickly the fans have jumped on board and are interested in the projects I’m doing. They’ve been so complimentary on everything I’ve done on the show. Just the loyalty and support has been incredible. It’s been really surprising.

Photo Credit: TV Goodness

Photo Credit: TV Goodness

Osric Chau (Kevin Tran): The fandom. By and large. This fandom has made it what it is today. It’s incredible. You don’t really expect it until you go to one of the conventions and you see everyone gathered en masse. Check out one of those online polls. Before I was on the show it would be like, okay, there are all these shows I recognize and Supernatural. Why are they dominating? How does this happen? It’s like this weird little secret that’s kind of prominent but you don’t really think about it until you’re a part of it. So the fandom has been amazing – the passion of the fans. Incredible.

Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester/Michael): The fandom. Absolutely, hands down. The fandom. I was able to do two episodes five years ago and since then, it’s been constant Supernatural in my life through conventions. I’m so grateful because I’m a 32 year-old man and it wasn’t until the last three years that I got to figure out who I was and what I wanted to be . And the mark that I wanted to leave on this world. Not as an actor. Acting is what I do. It’s my passion. It’s my job. But who I am now was handed to me and developed by the fandom. I’ve done a lot of conventions. I’ve talked to a lot of people about a lot of things. I’ve inspired people, people have inspired me. We’ve shared stories. We’ve shared tears. We share hugs. We share kisses, you name it! And I was able to figure out who I am. I really was. I owe it to the fandom. Period. Everything happens for a reason, right? We can say that’s so cliché but…so I booked an episode. They brought me back the next year. Did another episode. Then I got a convention offer. I went to the convention and I sat in the corner – I was scared. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was scared! And now, 50 conventions later – 50 conventions in four years – it’s just been the most beautiful ride. The exchange between myself and the fandom and my wife who’s not even involved in the show except she’s best friends with all the guys…the acceptance and the love and the understanding allowed me to be the nerdy, passionate, geek that I am. And I am forever grateful. I can be myself for the first time in 30 years. It’s amazing. It’s an amazing thing.

DJ Qualls (Garth): The Supernatural fandom will show up for you in a way that no other fandom will. My last show which, sadly, was canceled on FX I loved (Legit)…and we were struggling in the ratings. And I tweeted out to the fans to help us. And we went up 256 percent in women 18 to 54 in one night. 256 percent. Crazy. A huge spike in ratings. And they stayed with us. It just wasn’t enough in that key sort of 18 to 34 male demo, which is so stupid. And it’s antiquated. It doesn’t really – those ratings systems don’t work like they used to. Old people have money! We’re living longer. I include myself as an older person, I’m in my late 30s. We’re richer. We’re living longer. We buy s—t! Take us seriously! But it wasn’t meant to be with that show. But the Supernatural love was even there when my show was canceled. And I tweeted that I was really kind of heartbroken about this and just the love that poured in from them. And when my dog died a few years ago and I loved this dog. He had a brain disease. And when I got him they told me he wouldn’t live very long. They said he would die at two. He lived to be ten years. He was my joy. And when he died, I went to a convention and the fans had all gathered pictures from the internet of me and my dog that I tweeted or somebody else had posted and made me this beautiful book to remember him by. They’re always there when you need them.

Photo Credit: TV Goodness

Photo Credit: TV Goodness

Felicia Day (Charlie): I guess the most surprising part has been the fact that the fans have really embraced the character. I think a lot of people see themselves in Charlie and I think that’s because there are a lot of female fans of the show and Charlie’s really an authentic, geeky girl, who’s really not defined by the things that she likes. She’s really a three dimensional character. She’s smart and capable and is really kind of able to be projected by the smart, geeky girls who love the show…the women.

The 200th episode of Supernatural airs tonight at 9/8c. At one point, it may or may not have brought a tear to our eyes. Let us know if it did for you, too. Make sure to include the scene that got you emotional.

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  1. Great interviews! I wouldn’t call myself middle-aged quite yet (I’m in my VERY early 30s), but I agree with Kim, I think Jensen is really cute. haha 🙂

    But really, I started watching the show after I graduated college and had some free time looking while for a full-time job. At that point, Supernatural had been on for a couple of years so I had some catching up to do. I initially started watching it because I knew Jared as Dean from Gilmore Girls. It only took a few episodes before I was hooked, and have been ever since. Everyone I talk to seems to have their own story of how they came across the show or what got them to watch.

    Thanks for the interviews! I always enjoy hearing from any part of the cast. They all seem so down-to-earth. I haven’t gotten to watch the episode from last night yet, but I will soon! I’ll hold off on reading the recap that was posted until after.

    • Tina Charles says:

      Thanks for reading! It’s funny I didn’t know Jared at all because I never watched Gilmore Girls. But I had watched Days of our Lives, Dark Angel and Smallville, so it’s definitely Jensen that lured me in. But the show didn’t really start to hook me until Season 1’s “Skin.” And then I was a goner after “Home.” And I know exactly what scene it was: Dean’s private phone call to Big Daddy Winchester. And now we’re in the tenth season. I still can’t believe it. I think the 200th episode was fun. Let me know your thoughts after you watch. Definitely watch soon because there was a big spoiler moment that happened and I don’t want you to get spoiled. It’s all over Twitter.

      • Thanks for the heads up about the spoiler! I have successfully avoided anything related so far. I’ll be in meetings all afternoon today (away from my phone and any social media) so my plan is to watch the episode tonight at some point. I’ll check out your recap then!

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