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We Need to Know: What Happened to Cam’s Boyfriend on Bones?

May 20, 2011

As you know if you read my finale preview, I either heard or read that Elon Gold‘s Dr. Paul Lidner was going to be in the season finale and I got excited. We don’t see enough of him (he’s been in only 4 episodes BTW) and considering all the happenings in and out of the lab I thought this would be the perfect time to see him again. But we didn’t. I love that Cam is finally in a serious relationship (it’s the first one we’ve seen her in) and Paul seems like a great – albeit very busy – guy. So should I read anything into the fact that we haven’t seen him in a while? I don’t know but I will say this: I like seeing Cam happy. I’d like to see a little of her life outside of the lab every once in a while. I’d like to know how Michelle is doing too (Tiffany Hines is no longer on Nikita so I think she’s got some time if the producers want to use her more). I know it’s a small thing to worry/wonder about considering all the big things that happened in the finale but it does make me wonder. Thoughts?

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