TV Goodness All-Star 2010: The Ensemble, Burn Notice

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I watch a lot of TV. There are shows I’m fanatical about and actors I all but worship. My third pick is the entire ensemble from Burn Notice: Jeffrey Donovan (yes, he’s the lead but he’s also part of the ensemble), Bruce Campbell, Gabrielle Anwar, and Sharon Gless.

Photo Credit: USA Network

I think this group of actors has always worked well together but as the years have progressed they’ve aged like a fine wine. I can remember when I first heard about this show back in the casting process. I thought the premise sounded fun and I was familiar with Jeffrey Donovan from some of his big and small screen projects. I was already familiar with Bruce Campbell from his time on The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. God. I loved that show. Gabrielle Anwar had a career on the big screen but she’d recently caught my eye in The Tudors – mostly because of her sex scenes with the yummyHenry Cavill. And Sharon Gless. Cagney & Lacey anyone?

Photo Credit: USA Network

I’ve always liked the set up of the show – a new case each week with a season long arc involving who burned Michael and why. What I’ve particularly enjoyed with every new season is how dynamics shift and each relationship develops. Lately I’m really enjoying Sam and Fiona. I can remember a time when they wanted to kill each other but now they can stomach working together, and often enjoy it. And I’ll never get tired of watching Michael and Fiona fight their feelings, although most of the time it’s Michael doing that. And I guess he’s hiding his feeling more than fighting them. I also love Michael’s relationship with his mom. Even though they’ve had their differences in the past, I think we all appreciate her when she tells it like it is and acts as his conscience when Michael can’t listen to his own.

Photo Credit: USA Network

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